Exhibition stand

Standard exhibition construction

We offer you a construction of standard exhibition stand for any exposition events in Saint-Petersburg. For this purpose, you are only to order an exhibition area without any equipment. We organize all of the rest – cover surfaces of any color, dividing walls, doors, displays, furniture. You may look through our catalogue to see the entire product proposal.

For building exhibition stands we use Russian analogues of poly-functional systems “CONSTA” and “OCTANORM”, which consist of aluminum profiles of various configurations and sections, adjusting locks, multiple connectors and other elements. For wall panels we use wood chipboards, PVC, polycarbonate, glass and acrylic plastic of different color.

Variety and flexibility of elements make it possible to create exhibition stands of different configurations and fit them with required equipment (information booths, displays, racks, shelves, etc.).

A fair amount of different extra equipment is available - carpet flooring, tables, chairs, video equipment, domestic machines, lighting equipment (spots, halogen lights, luminescent lamps, sockets, etc.). We carry out the decoration of your stands (logotypes, signs) by using our own sign-cutting plotter.

Our team of highly skilled professionals is ready to conduct all installation works for your exhibition stand at all reasonable time and at any exposition center in Saint-Petersburg. Also, we are ready to consider any your request of construction/decoration works and equipment supplies of conferences, seminars, congresses and presentations.

Some examples of standard exhibition stands are presented above.

Standard exhibition construction