Exhibition stand


Designer profiles of system MAXIMA represent a set of anodized profiles of square and circle section with typical sizes 40, 80, 120 mm.

The use of the exhibition constructions of system MAXIMA allows to raise air constructions with height up to 8 meters and with different types of infill.

Construction of space without support up to 6 m long is possible, as well. System MAXIMA is often used as a main basis for building “glass” stands, using glass holders of typical sizes 1x1 m or 1x0,5 m.

Due to such advantages of system MAXIMA, it became common use in exhibitions of different subjects, as you can see it on the pictures.

We have excellent metal-halogen lamps of white spectrum. We can provide you with our unique exhibition furniture, carpet flooring of different colors, various equipment, etc.

Before getting to work with your stand, please, refer to “Free design service” and fill in all technical specifications in detail.