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Выставочные стенды от компании «СИВЕЛ»

Why us



Exhibition Company “SIVEL” has been working in exhibition business for more than 15 years. Since 2001, by popular requests of our clients, we have been implementing design and construction of individual exhibition stands in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Our clients are Russian exhibitions and conferences event-companies, as well as firms that wish to get the most out of participation in the exhibition by using an INDIVIDUAL exhibition stand.

Our services

Managers of our company will help you in choosing the type of exhibition stand according to your request and the problems you're facing with the design of the exhibition area. A wide choice of exhibition structures will help to find an optimal solution to a particular design of exhibition space, to develop a unique design project of an individual or an exclusive stand for the exhibition. At the initial stage of preparation for the exhibition, our designers will make the design of your stand project to participate in the exhibition in a 3D view. After that, the graphic design of individual elements will be made and we will coordinate with the customer regarding the design. Then the experienced designers will do a full set of drawings for modern production. In production, equipped with modern sawing and milling machines we do the cut of all the necessary parts for the assembly of the stand.

Construction of exhibition stands is carried out by experienced certified installers. During the construction of the stand for the exhibition, we provide a full range of activities (all approvals, tall suspensions, electricity connection, water supply). Your exhibition stand will attract and delight both visitors and participants. Contact our company and you will get the expected result.

In the production of exhibition stands, we use the following types of printing:


printing on paper or photographic paper of different densities;

printing on self-adhesive paper or banner;

printing on vinyl, polypropylene, canvas, interior banner;

hot, cold lamination;

lamination, encapsulation;

production, printing for light boxes;

interior posters, large format photos;


graphic panels for mobile exhibition stands;


floor graphics.


development of the elements of corporate identity;

design project of exhibition space;

design of exhibition stands;

mobile stand design, construction;

design for printing;

flyers, posters, brochures A3, A3 +, larger;

pocket, table, wall calendars, business cards

No matter in what field designer works, the success of the final product depends on the designer's skill. Professional designers work miracles. It does not matter what the designer is working on in particular, whether it is the selection of color, pattern, or interior design or the creation of the design project of the exhibition, the important thing is what splendor is obtained in the final result. Custom designed solution is the success of the entire project. Trust the professionals, see the designer's portfolio. Be sure to see sections about design. Excellence in the design of the exhibition stands and in the design of individual booths distinguishes our designers from the rest.


interior design, exhibitions;

manufacturing compositions, collages.

Floristry - special direction, as we know, the design of interiors with the help of flower arrangements. In some cases, when designing exhibitions, conferences and other events, it is acceptable to make flower arrangements. Properly chosen combination of color compositions with the elements of the interior leaves a lasting impression of what was seen. Flowers are always great!


Individual approach to each client;

quality products of our production;

flexibility in determining the final cost and time estimation of our services.

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